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Udah banyak banget artikel di stories ini yang menjelaskan tentang siapa Posy lipstick mate. Bahkan nih bulan lalu Posy udah buka bukaan tentang semua inggridient yang terkandung dalam Posy lipstick mate. Sekarang waktunya kita buka bukaan tentang apa yang orang pikirkan setelah mencoba Posy lipstick mate.


Oh em ji! Tau kan liquid lipstick Posy Beauty? 
Liquid lipstick lokal yang satu ini, duh..kece banget deh. Pertama, ini cocok banget buat lo yang demen pake lipstick ombre, soalnya warnanya banyak! Trus finishnya matte tapi ga kering, soalnya Posy Beauty mengandung vit. E. Kece kaaan?
Cuss deh borong. Jangan lupa belinya di 
@tokopedia yaa, tinggal buka link http://tkp.me/PosyBeauty ya, Cantik #DimulaiDariTokopedia 💋 


Currently love creating ombre lips and right now i’m using Posy beauty’s in shade “pride” and “envy”.
I love how their consistency of matte lipstick is not cracking and how it lasted on my lips, its all because it consists of vitamin E (to keep your lips healthy) 💋
Its very pigmented so you can swatch it for only once, and voilà!😆
You guys can now purchase them, by simply clicking this link http://tkp.me/PosyBeauty 
#TokopediaCurator #DimulaiDariTokopedia


For attractive lips, speak words of kindness, and of course some lippies will do 💋
Aku mau rekomendasiin produk Posy Beauty for you! Ini lipstik lokal yang halal, vegan, dan cruelty free and also with vitamin E for a healthy lips. Aku combine shade Pride and Envy for gradient lips supaya makin cuco! Find Posy Beauty Official di 
@tokopedia atau copy link ini di browser ya 👉 http://tkp.me/PosyBeauty #TokopediaCurator#DimulaiDariTokopedia



I love these shades from Posy. Shade Pride dan Envy yang aku kombinasikan jadi ombre look di bibir aku. Finishnya Soft Matte dan tahan seharian dengan satu kali swatch. You can easily get these on @tokopedia
#TokopediaCurator #dimulaidariTokopedia



Sunday means hair ties up, no make up after done with my laser treatment so you can really see my marks. No contact lens, glass on🤓 All I can possibly do is playing with my new lip matte, Posy Beauty that now is available at @Tokopedia 💋 Grab yours by simply visit http://tkp.me/PosyBeauty.
#TokopediaCurator #DimulaiDariTokopedia



Wearing @Posybeauty.idin the shade ‘pride’ and ‘envy’ on my lips today, created an ombre look with the two colors. Loving the formulation of the lipstick so so much as it’s runny on the tube but right after I applied it, it turned into a beautiful matte consistency on the lips 👄💄 Have you tried them? Go click the link on my bio if you haven’t, to purchase them from my favorite, most convenient website ever, @tokopedia 💚 #TokopediaCurator#DimulaidariTokopedia



Ini dia lipstick favorit Irma dari @Posybeauty.id , pilihan warnanya banyak beragam & ketchehh abis 💄
Formula & teksturnya ringan & lembut dibibir 👄
@Posybeauty.id adalah local product yang baru banget launching. Productnya bisa di beli di Instagram nya langsung, atau Line ke Line ID @Posybeauty.id, atau bisa langsung chat via WA di 0812 50 8000 93. Bisa juga langsung di websitenya www.Posybeauty.co.id


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